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Start your wellness journey here today!

Taking massage to the next level by providing therapeutic massages that not only provide relaxation but relief from your day to day aches like migraines, sciatic pains, neck/head pains, stiffness after surgery and more! Make sure to book your appointment now and get 10$ off of your first appointment!

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Fall into Deep Relaxation with Us

Taking care of yourself is such an underrated thing we do to ourselves. Whether it is for your migraine needs, vertigo problems or to get the best post op lymphatic massages, I make sure you leave MY studio feeling like a brand new person ready to take on the world with more confidence and a bigger smile.

Stretching and manipulating muscles that cause pain and limits range of motion when doing your day to day activities.

Taking the necessary steps and care to make your healing better and faster, while also helping you get the dream body you envisioned.

Promoting a deep relaxation massage where you don't have to worry about anything while you are on my table.

Our Services

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Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a manipulation of the muscles to relax and let go. It is a way to stretch the muscles and help the muscles go back to where they belong.

Stephanie Acosta Doing Lymphatic Massage

Post OP Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massages helps with the swelling that comes after surgery. It also helps with the recovery and makes the healing process faster!


15 Years of Quality Service in Massage Therapies

Healing touch specializes in headaches, migraines, post surgical lymphatic massages, and after care and more!

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Health Benefits of Massage

Massage can help treat medical chronic conditions, it is no longer a taboo nor a luxury to take the necessary steps for the self care that your body needs. When starting your self care journey you can notice and feel the difference right away. But it does also take consistency to be able to keep those results.

Improved joint mobility & flexibility

Reductions of stress hormones

Improved circulation of blood & lymphatic fluid

Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

Reduced muscles tension

Helps chronic neck pain

About Us

Stephanie Acosta

Stephanie has owned her private practice for 4 years dedicating her Healing Touch to help with chronic pain. She has also helped hundreds with post op care after cosmetic surgeries. Stephanie has been massaging for 10 years and does not plan on stopping no time soon!


Her passion consists of helping clients with headaches migraines and sciatic issues, making sure that you leave feeling better than what you came in. Mainly targeting clientele who suffers with chronic pain on a day to day basis to help client find some relief and help their muscles with longevity.


There is nothing more than Stephanie likes to do than to bring comfort to her clients in the most professional yet warm and welcoming way!

Stephanie Acosta Doing Massage

What Our Customers Say

The massage was so perfect! She really dug into my problem areas that most massage places don't do as well.

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