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Stephanie Acosta Doing Lymphatic Massage

Stephanie Acosta

Certified in Lymphatic Massages, Certified in Craniosacral Therapy

I am first generation born in the United States. Growing up I knew I wanted to be in the medical field and I loved knowing about the human body. But I didn't want to fully commit to being a doctor or a nurse. So to get a feel in the medical field, I wanted to try massage first and eventually go onto whatever adventure was next after massage.


I had such awesome mentors and teachers in class and over time networking with other bodyworkers than made me fall in love more and more with helping others with their pain and it made me grow my true gifts as time went by. Now I absolutely love the career path I chose and wouldn't trade it for anything and plan on going until my hands fall off!

I never knew what influenced me to do massage out of all the careers I was just drawn and called to do so. Years later, I figured out that my grandpa and great grandpa were known to be the town healers when they were younger in a small town in Mexico. It all made sense, that I was guided by my ancestors to put my gifts in good use.

My Qualifications

  • Graduate of Nevada School Of Massage Therapy with 800 hours of schooling.

  • Certified in lymphatic massages

  • Certified in Craniosacral Therapy

What I Do

I can provide deep tissues, relaxation massages, as well as cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic massages both post op and non surgical, body sculpting, wood therapy, cupping, hot stones massages,

Stephanie Acosta Doing Lymphatic Massage

Stretching and manipulating muscles that cause pain and limits range of motion when doing your day to day activities.

Taking the necessary steps and care to make your healing better and faster, while also helping you get the dream body you envisioned.

Promoting a deep relaxation massage where you don't have to worry about anything while you are on my table.

15 Years of Quality Service in Massage Therapies

Healing touch specializes in headaches, migraines, post surgical lymphatic massages, and after care and more!

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